The Best Batteries for ATVs

ATVs are truly amazing vehicles. They are powerful and lots of fun to drive, and when it comes to versatility and performance on multiple terrains, there is really no better vehicle. A key component of any ATV is the battery. Without a reliable battery in your ATV, you can run the risk of encountering some problems as you drive either on or off road. There are lots of options out there to choose from when it comes to ATV batteries, so to help you make the best choice you can, the experts at Polar Battery have narrowed down the selection to a few of the top performing options.

Key elements of a good ATV battery don’t always include a high power capacity. In fact, ATVs use very little electrical power compared to a full size car, meaning you are better off focusing on a battery that can bring more to the table than a high power capacity. Vibration and heat resistance are a must for any ATV battery, which the following examples all feature.

Yuasa YTX14-BS Maintenance Free Battery

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This battery is made by a well established brand in the ATV industry, meaning drivers can count on it to stand up to the most rigorous performance challenges. It has 12 amp-hour and 200 cold cranking amps that help it easily start in cold conditions, while delivering 12 volts of power to make it among the most reliable options available. As its name suggests, this battery requires very little maintenance over its long lifespan, making it a great choice for the casual ATV driver who wants to take their vehicle for ride whenever the mood strikes, without having to worry too much about vehicle maintenance.

Odyssey PC545 Powersports Battery

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The major draw with this battery is the fact that it has an average service life of 3 to 10 years, which is significantly longer than any other ATV battery currently on the market. Beyond its longevity, this battery brings a great deal of versatility to the table when it comes to installation. Unlike the majority of ATV batteries that need to be installed in a specific position to function properly, the Odyssey battery can be installed in multiple positions without spilling its contents. This makes it the perfect choice for a number of different ATV models, although a reduced number of cold crank amps (150) compared to other models means this battery may have some trouble starting in extreme cold temperatures.

Power Sonic PTX4LBS-FS Sealed Maintenance Free Powersport Battery


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This battery option is ideal as a reliable backup, or as the primary battery for the ATV rider that only takes their vehicle out a handful of time each year. Although the name suggests it is a maintenance-free model, you can actually extend this battery’s lifespan with some minor maintenance, like regular terminal cleaning. This battery can keep you on the road for a long time, and is a far cheaper alternative to the previously mentioned models. Compared to other reliable ATV batteries, the Power Sonic battery has the best value by far.

Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS Battery


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This last option for top performing ATV batteries is the ideal choice for riders who primarily operate in colder climates. With 270 cold cranking amps, it rarely has any problems getting your vehicle started in freezing temperatures. Like its counterpart listed above, this battery comes with a number of features that make it highly resistant to damage from heat and vibrations, as well as leaks that may otherwise occur in lesser batteries over time.

For all of your ATV battery needs, the best option is to rely on the expert advice and service at Polar Battery. We are ready to help you find the exact right battery for your specific off-road needs, so all you have to worry about is which trail to take next. Visit one of our locations in Vancouver, Kamloops or Vernon to take a look at our excellent selection of batteries for all types of vehicles today!

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