When Do You Need to Replace Your Golf Cart Batteries?

golf cart batteries

Batteries of any kind can be a major expense, especially if you have to purchase multiple units at one time. In order to avoid any unexpected expenses associated with replacing your golf carts’ batteries, you should be aware of some of the factors that indicate your old batteries are beginning to wear down. Below you’ll find a few tips you can use to determine how long your golf cart batteries have left, and when it will be time to get them replaced.

Frequent Power Drain

An electric golf cart can typically maintain a speed of 10-12km/hr for a few hours on a single charge. A typical 18 hole round of golf will take the average golfer between 3.5 to 4 hours to complete, therefore a single charge should last at least that long. If you find that the cart has started to slow down before this four hour mark, it is a good indicator that the battery is no longer able to maintain a full charge. This issue is one that will continue to get worse as the battery ages, which is why you should look for a replacement as soon as you notice power is draining faster than normal.


As the technology and designs have continued to improve over the years, electric golf carts are now able to perform just as well as their gas-powered counterparts. This is true when it comes to top speed, as well as acceleration. Electrical golf carts usually take very little time to get to their top speed, and are therefore able to climb hills and inclines with very little trouble. If you are finding the cart has to work harder to get to its top speed, or to the top of a hill, it is a good sign that the golf cart battery needs to be recharged, or completely replaced.

Long Time Charging

When you charge a battery, you can usually count on the unit achieving full charge in a certain amount of time. Older batteries however have a harder time maintaining their charge, and it will take longer for them to achieve a full charge as well. When you install a new battery in your golf cart, make note of how long it takes to be fully charged the first time you have to recharge the battery. As the cart battery ages, you will notice the recharge time gradually takes longer. A charger will continue to charge the battery, no matter how long it takes to get fully charged, but eventually there will be no way to keep a battery fully charged once it reaches a certain age.

Leaks and Bulges

All batteries contain liquid electrolytes that allow the unit to become charged. Over time, the electrical charge will drain, and the electrolytes will subsequently deteriorate. Eventually, these chemicals will start to react more noticeably, and you will start to notice things like bulging on the case of the battery, and leaks or corrosion at the battery terminals. This is the last indicator your should need to see to tell you that the battery needs to be replaced. If you keep using a battery that shows these signs of deterioration, you are not only risking the unit dying unexpectedly, you are also risking the safety of the golf cart operator and passengers.

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