Sealed Lead Acid

AGM/Sealed Lead Acid/Gel Cell

Call it what you will, they are all the same technology. The thing that sets them apart is the quality. A heavier battery is a better battery in this case, because it has more lead. It will last longer both in usage and in lifespan. We know that quality matters which is why we bring in the lines we do.


Gs / infinity

Sealed Lead Acid rechargeable batteries are designed to provide outstanding performance in withstanding overcharge, overdischarge, and resisting vibration and shock. These compact batteries save installation space, while providing full and reliable power. The use of special sealing epoxies, tongue and groove case and cover construction, and long-sealing paths for posts and connectors, assures that all Sealed Lead Acid batteries will offer exceptional leak resistance, and allow them to be used in various positions.


High quality and reliability
Exceptional deep discharge recovery
No corrosive gas generation
Long service life
Quick chargeability
High power density
Maintenance-free operation

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)
Emergency lighting & alarms
Telecom back-up power supplies
Cycling, back-up and main power applications
High Power Series Features
These high-power trickle use batteries offer a slimmer design and energy density up to 30% higher than conventional sealed lead acid batteries
Ideal for use as backup batteries in UPS
Slim design to reduce UPS volume

Backup Equipment

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