InSight Series - RELiON Batteries

RELiON’s new InSight Series is the first LiFePO4 drop-in replacement battery that comes in industry-standard sizes. They’re both modular and scalable and come in 12-Volt, 24-Volt and 48-Volt configurations. Easily connect multiple batteries in parallel to get the power and capacity you need. Connect two 48-Volt InSight Series batteries in parallel for moderate duty applications or connect up to eight 48-Volt batteries in parallel to increase the available capacity for longer runtime. No additional hardware needed, just connect and go!

Game Changing Technology
• The innovative design makes InSight batteries easy to install. Plus, they use the connections you’re already accustomed to when connecting in parallel.
• InSight Series eliminates worrying about cell imbalance between batteries because the SuperSmart BMS provides Bullseye Balancing, ensuring you get maximum capacity throughout the life of your battery.
• High demand applications often require high currents. With InSight’s strategically placed heatsink you can run at high currents without compromising the life of your battery or BMS.

RELiON’s InSight batteries are based on proven BMS technology, with hundreds of thousands of systems already in the field in demanding applications, such as aviation and robotics. That means InSight batteries are proven to deliver leading-edge performance and reliability. Since they’re based on stable LiFePO4 chemistry, they’re also safe and have a long life.



No need to replace or upgrade your current chargers! Thanks to the SuperSmart BMS, RELiON’s InSight Series batteries are compatible with nearly all lead-acid chargers. Simply connect the batteries to the charger and the SuperSmart BMS takes care of the rest.


InSight Series batteries include LED indicators to show the state of charge and battery status. Ideal for assessing battery status at a glance.


Each RELiON InSight Series battery includes built-in CANbus communication that provides manufacturing, application, and historical data. In OEM applications, the battery can communicate with the motor controller.


Assembled in an advanced manufacturing facility, InSight Series batteries are tested at each stage of assembly to ensure a reliable, consistent, and high-quality product.

Product Specifications

InSight Series batteries come in 12-Volt, 24-Volt and 48-Volt configurations. These modules are an ideal building block for a wide variety of applications.

RELiON Product Specifications

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