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Your wheelchair is often your lifeline, allowing you to live with a sense of independence that greatly impacts your quality of life. If your Wheelchair Battery cannot be relied upon, then your daily routine is thrown into disarray. To prevent this from happening, you can count on the team at Polar Battery. With service options available in Vernon, Kamloops, Burnaby and Vancouver, BC, we are committed to keeping you moving no matter what.

We Stock a Huge Range of Industrial Batteries

Polar Battery is a committed team of battery specialists who have been delivering the most reliable battery options to our customers for nearly four decades. As a family-owned and operated business, we value our customer’s needs for dependability, particularly when it comes to wheelchair batteries. We are more than happy to provide advice and guidance when it comes to choosing the right battery for you, and we are available to perform battery testing to determine the health of your battery whenever you need it.

A Huge Range of Batteries for Any Requirement

Do you need an RV Battery in preparation for your big road trip? Or perhaps you need a marine battery to ensure that your boat accessories are powered? Polar Battery offers a huge range of batteries for any application, including AGM Battery and Deep Cycle Battery options. We also conveniently stock a host of accessories including Car Battery Charger options, cables and more. In addition, our specialty battery options give new life to your digital items such as your cell phone or laptop.

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Do you need a new battery? No matter what style, size or shape you need, Polar Battery has an extensive selection of options for you to choose from. Visit us at one of our locations or call ahead at (604) 294-1891 in Vancouver and Burnaby, BC, (250) 434-5790 in Kamloops, BC or (250) 542-4275 in Vernon, BC.

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Polar Battery is a member of the Canadian Battery Association and recycles all batteries responsibly. Bring your old batteries to our Vancouver/Burnaby , Kamloops or Vernon shops No matter how big or small, we can recycle it.

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