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Living your life comfortably requires a wide range of batteries, whether it’s for your home phone, computer, garage door, smoke alarm, portable appliances, garden and power tools or security cameras, Polar Battery has the battery for your home and personal needs. Call or visit us today at any of our stores in Burnaby, Kamloops or Vernon to get the right battery.

  • Security Systems - Polar Battery

    Home Alarm Systems

  • Garage and Gate Openers - Polar Battery

    Garage and Gate Openers

  • Smoke Alarms - Polar Battery

    Smoke Alarms

  • Electronic Locks - Polar Battery

    Electronic Locks

  • Personal Electronics - Polar Battery

    Personal Electronics

  • Power Tools & Appliances - Polar Battery

    Power Tools & Appliances

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Polar Battery is a member of the Canadian Battery Association and recycles all batteries responsibly. Bring us your old batteries! No matter how big or small, we can take it.

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We Stock Almost Every Battery

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