What to do When Your Car Battery Dies in the Middle of Nowhere

battery dead in the middle of nowhere

Like any battery, a car battery is powered by electrolytes which absorb and maintain an electric charge. This charge is used to power the ignition of your engine, allowing your car to start so you can get to and from your destination. There may come a time when your battery is unable to get your engine started, which can be … Read More

How to Install a Powersport Battery

How to Install a Powersport Battery

Keeping a fresh battery in your motorcycle, ATV, or other powersport vehicle will go a long way towards improving performance and maintaining the vehicle’s overall lifespan. Since the battery in your ATV is not as frequently used compared to your regular vehicle, you may find that it is prone to losing its charge more often. This doesn’t necessarily mean you … Read More

When Do You Need to Replace Your Golf Cart Batteries?

golf cart batteries

Batteries of any kind can be a major expense, especially if you have to purchase multiple units at one time. In order to avoid any unexpected expenses associated with replacing your golf carts’ batteries, you should be aware of some of the factors that indicate your old batteries are beginning to wear down. Below you’ll find a few tips you … Read More