What to do When Your Car Battery Dies in the Middle of Nowhere

battery dead in the middle of nowhere

Like any battery, a car battery is powered by electrolytes which absorb and maintain an electric charge. This charge is used to power the ignition of your engine, allowing your car to start so you can get to and from your destination. There may come a time when your battery is unable to get your engine started, which can be … Read More

How to Install a Powersport Battery

How to Install a Powersport Battery

Keeping a fresh battery in your motorcycle, ATV, or other powersport vehicle will go a long way towards improving performance and maintaining the vehicle’s overall lifespan. Since the battery in your ATV is not as frequently used compared to your regular vehicle, you may find that it is prone to losing its charge more often. This doesn’t necessarily mean you … Read More

Materials and Processing for Lithium Ion Batteries

lithium batteries technology

As the entire world continues to move toward renewable energy sources and vehicles that produce little or no carbon emissions, the demand for viable battery technology is increasing. This is mainly due to the fact that renewable energy needs to be efficiently stored for future use. Similarly, hybrid and electrical vehicles will require batteries that are capable of efficiently storing … Read More

Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Phone Battery

phone battery lifespan

Smartphone technology continues to improve year after year, as more features, capabilities and functions get added to the latest phones. While the convenience of these devices has never been better, new capabilities and functions count for very little if your phone battery isn’t capable of maintaining a charge. While plenty of new phones feature better batteries with fast charging capabilities, … Read More

Car Battery Life: When is it Time For a Change?

Why Do Car Batteries Die in Winter

Car batteries are one of the most important components of any vehicle, yet for some reason, they are often overlooked. Your car needs the electrical charge it gets from the battery to start the engine, which is why you should always be aware of the age and status of the battery in your vehicle. It can be a major inconvenience … Read More