Battery Recycling and Disposal

Although there are a great deal of uses for batteries and a number of different types of batteries available, all batteries, from large car batteries to small AAAs, will eventually wear out. So what we can do with a spent battery? Do we toss them in the trash, or can we recycle our dead batteries?

Types of Batteries For Recycling

There are many different batteries that are used for many different applications, but for the most part we can categorize batteries that the average person uses on a daily basis in three groups. The first group includes smaller batteries used for items around the house such as coin cells, AA, AAA, C, D and 9v batteries.. The next group of batteries includes rechargeable batteries that get used in items like cellphones and power tools. The last category covers larger batteries used to start engines like those found in a car, a golf cart or a riding lawnmower


    small batteries recycle

    Since the late 1990s manufacturers have removed the environmentally harmful materials used in their batteries. However, federal and provincial regulations still require proper disposal at end of life. The batteries found in today’s average home only contain elements like steel, zinc and manganese, it is still important to check their labels for any indicators of harmful substances. Polar Battery is committed to responsibly collecting and processing all of the products we distribute at any of our locations in Burnaby/Vancouver, Kamloops or Vernon.


    Any rechargeable battery, from an old phone, power tools, hearing aids or other electronic items need special handling when they are spent. Polar Battery collects all used rechargeable batteries and ensures that they are sent to the right recycling facility, where they are exposed to heat which separates metals such as lithium, nickel, iron and cobalt, which are then repurposed for use in new batteries. As this type of battery can still be hazard for transport even at the end of its useable life, we recommend individually bagging or applying tape to the terminals to avoid potential short circuits.


    large batteries recycle

    For larger batteries found in a car, boat, RV, truck or a tractor, it is inadvisable to simply throw them in the trash. Although they may be dead, these batteries contain heavy metals and chemicals that cause significant negative environmental impact. Lead acid batteries are one of the most recycled consumer products on the planet as nearly all of the materials can be reused. Polar Battery is a proud standing member of the Canadian Battery Association. Bring your spent batteries to one of our stores in Vancouver, Kamloops or Vernon.
    At Polar Battery, we are proud to encourage the proper disposal and recycling of old batteries in the British Columbia. It is important to us to maintain a policy of environmental awareness and ecological responsibility.

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    Polar Battery is a member of the Canadian Battery Association and recycles all batteries responsibly. Bring us your old batteries! No matter how big or small, we can take it.

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